The Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Community

We are first and foremost a Catholic school and we are committed to presenting a unified Catholic identity through fostering a prayerful learning environment for our students. The life of our school is enriched with religious education, faith formation, and student life activities centered around the Holy Bible and the traditions of our faith. Our school classrooms proclaim our message of unity and are enhanced with visible expressions of our Christian belief and Catholic identity. The faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and parish community of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School remain committed to the full promotion of a Christ-centered education for all of our students and in supporting them as they reach the fulfillment of their God-given potential.

The Religion curriculum is based on the religious education requirements of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission. The basic tenets of our faith are integrated throughout our curriculum, school life, and our educational mission.

Our Mission

Based on the teaching mission of Jesus, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is committed to providing a quality education, nurturing Christian values in each student, and fostering Catholic community and service.

Our Shared Vision

We aspire to Nurture Souls and Challenge Minds.

Together, as a community of learners, our students are enriched by a challenging academic framework that will provide a foundation for life-long learning, spiritual reflection and growth and the development of character. Our students understand that learning extends beyond the classroom and are taught to forge connections between lessons taught within school hours and those that can be learned throughout our daily lives.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum employed at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School is developed by the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office and meets the National Core Curriculum Standards that lead to academic excellence. Our school is comprised of an Early Childhood Program, Elementary School, and Middle School. Our early childhood program focuses on socialization and developing literacy and fluency. The upper grades are departmentalized and feature a high school preparatory curriculum. All students receive instruction in Music, Art, Physical Education, and Religion. Students attend daily Mass each week on Wednesday mornings.