Technology goes beyond the computers equipped with an LCD projector, Document Cameras, and Smartboards. All of our buildings are networked so that each classroom is equipped with student computers and can share network and Internet resources. We also feature a campus-wide wireless network enabling students to use iPads and Chromebooks. 

The curriculum is integrated with technology tools to facilitate best practices for teaching and learning in the classroom, to meet group and individual student needs, and to maximize each student’s learning environment. The integration of curriculum and information technologies provide the following objectives:

  • Focus on acquisition of basic skills, content knowledge and application, and higher level thinking skills.
  • Provide connections across the curriculum.  
  • Incorporate a variety of authentic assessments as an integral part of learning.
  • Encourage active participation in relevant real-life experiences for lifelong learning.  
  • Offer opportunities for whole group, small group and individualized instruction.
  • Enhance learning.