Extended Day Program

Our Extended Day Program offers students after-school enrichment activities conveniently located on our campus, allowing students to complete their homework assignments and engage in learning activities in a variety of subject areas beyond the traditional school day. As a family of families, we know that a parent or guardian’s daily schedule may not be conducive to early release days and frequently extends beyond school hours. Our OLF community is committed to providing a safe place where students can feel at home even after the school day ends. Our Extended Day Programs will begin the first day of school, and will be held on every regular school day. The After School Program will NOT be held on days when school is dismissed early – unless specified.

2018-2019 Rates

Before School

Hours: 7:00 AM until 7:45 AM

After School

Hours: 3:30 PM until 6:00 PM for PreK – 8th Grades

Rate: $5.00 per day for one child $10.00 per day for 2 children $15.00 per day for 3 children $20.00 per day for 4 children

Families will be billed monthly for the Before and After School Program, only if your child uses these services. A statement of the previous month’s charges will be sent home the first week of each month. These charges are due upon receipt of this statement. If these charges are not paid in a timely manner, your child’s continued attendance in the Before and After School Programs may be jeopardized. *IF A CHILD IS LEFT PAST 6:00 PM, AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF $1.00 PER MINUTE, PER CHILD, WILL BE CHARGED. THIS ADDITIONAL CHARGE IS TO BE PAID IN CASH TO THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM CAREGIVER AT THE TIME THE CHILD IS PICKED UP. If a child is left past 6:00 PM more than once, the child’s continued attendance in the After School Program may be jeopardized. The Principal will have the final ruling on whether a child may or may not continue in the program. All students attending the Before and After School Programs will be expected to follow the rules and guidelines outlined in the current Parent/Student Handbook of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. Failure to comply will result in withdrawal of the student.